Backalov, Aleksandar (Hrsg.)

The Archaeology of Kosovo and Metohija
Proceedings of the Conference, Dec. 12-14, 2006 in Belgrade

  Das Buch ist auch in serbischer Sprache erschienen: "Arheologija Kosova i Metohije".
The Archaeology of Kosovo and Metohija
Verlag: Mnemosyne und
The Pristina Museum (displaced)
Format:170 x 240
180 S., Br., Ill.
Erscheinungsjahr: 2008
ISBN: 86-85235-06-1
Bestell-Nr.: 106187
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Sadrzaj - Inhalt

Branimir Jokic: Why a Scholarly Conference on the Archaeology of Kosovo and Metohija
Nikola Tasic: Some Thoughts on Prehistoric and Antiquity Excavations in Kosovo and Metohija
Aleksandar Loma: An Ethnolinguistic Picture of the Kosovo-Metohija Region in Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
Zivko Mikic: The Population of Kosovo and Metohija in the Middle Ages: Anthropological Findings
Gordana Tomovic: Kosovo and Metohija on Old Maos until the End of the Twelfth Century
Slavisa Peric: Basic Features of Neolithic Cultures in Kosovo and Metohija
Milorad Stojic: The Features of the Brnjica Cultural Group in the Morava Basinand Kosovo
Rastko Vasic: Kosovo and Metohija in the Iron Age
Slobodan Fidanovski: Kosovo and Metohija´s Heritage of Antiquity
Aleksandar Backalov: Archaeological Research at Medieval Sites in Kosovo and Metohija
Djordje Jankovic: Archaeological Findings on the Population of the Balkan Peninsula from the Seventh to the Twelfth Centuries
Emina Zecevic: Novo Brdo: A Serbian Town Between East and West;an Heir to the European Culture
Milica Grkovic: Testimonies to the Serb Population in Kosovo and Metohija
Nikola Tasic; Aleksandar Backalov: Researched Archaeological Sites from PrehistoricTimes, Antiquity and the Middle Ages in Kosovo and Metohija
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